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I saw a reference recently to making Hollandaise sauce sous vide. Has anyone done this? If yes, could you post how you did this? Thank you.

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Sue, thanks so much. I have saved the second one and will try it out. The first one seemed like a lot of bother and I don't have one of those whip things. Have you tried either of the recipes?

Sorry, I have not tried either.
I made the Hollandaise sauce. I can not believe how delicious it is. It does indeed look a mess when you first take the jar out of the water but my immersion blender took care of it. It is a beautifully thick, yellow rich sauce. Thank you Sue for pointing this recipe out to me.
I should add that I would reduce the salt a bit next time. I used unsalted butter but still found it a shade on the salty side.
Thanks, I will try it soon!

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