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OK. I am sure you all know that lutefisk is notoriously finicky to cook. Too long and it turns to liquid, not long enough... and well it's just not good. My family has used the hot water method, the oven and the microwave. All of them OK but great caution must be used to not over cook it. Sooooo this year I decided to sous vide it. So with some trepidation I read up on cod sous vide recipes and various other fish to come up with a good temp. I also called some folks in the Minnesota State tourism office and a couple of Sons of Norway and the Lutheran Church in a small town close by. After all this I determined to cook it at 137 F.
I left it for 1.5 hours and believe me this is the way to go! Turned out great. At close to ten dollars a pound I was very pleased with the results and will do it again next holidays. Also got a great tip on the drawn butter that is spooned over the fish and taters: dice up some salted pork, fry it and add it to the butter. Hey it's heaven.
Many compliments on everything I've done so far. Did chicken... was fantastic! Had flat iron steak the other day so tender you could cut it with a fork! Already have a friend getting his sous vide set up. Can't wait for an invite to his house! (Now if I could just lose some weight!)

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Wow, I've never had lutefisk before, I'm glad it turned out great!
Thanks for the information, I have been thinking of this the last couple of weeks and now I cant wait to try it!

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