Sous Vide Moose leg: help please.

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Rather randomly have acquired some moose leg steaks. Not a very common cut of meat in the UK, I'm assuming I should treat it like a tough cut of beef. Could any of you folks over the pond shed some light one what to do with it?



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I believe Dale sent me a recipe for "pulled moose", I'll see if I can dig it up but I believe it was cooked at 131F or 141F, similar to beef or pork.
In the end went for 55C for 8 hours. Actually very pleasant, akin to a well cooked beef fillet with a flavour of duck/game. Quite pleased, hope to grab it again.
Did a large Venison Roast sous vide @ 131F for 30 hours, added just a little salt, pepper and garlic powder. It was the most tender piece of venison I have ever tasted. Will be doing Moose Roast this weekend. Will let you know the outcome.
Awesome, can't wait to hear how it turns out!

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