Need recipe for caramel (or good chocolate) pudding

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Anyone able to help me out with these? I really, really, REALLY love caramel pudding, but I've never made a dessert sous vide before. It should be fairly similar to a creme brulee, shouldn't it?


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If you're adventurous, you could try adapting existing sous vide recipes that start with a basic custard base, such as pot de creme, zabaglione, or, yes, creme brûlée. Jason's already posted ginger creme brûlée and lemon curd/mousse recipes. Modify with dulce de leche, maybe? Although technically puddings rely on cornstarch rather than eggs for thickening, if it's that creamy texture and caramel flavor you're going for, a custard variation might do the trick. Good luck!
I've found some random recipes to look at the similarities:
Creme Brûlée (standard)
4 large egg yolks (room temp)
50 g sugar
5 dl heavy/whipping cream
1 vanilla bean
pinch of salt
sugar (for finishing)

Creme Brûlée (sous vide)
2 cups (470 ml) heavy cream
4 egg yolks
1/4 cup (57 g) granulated sugar
1 teaspoon (5 ml) pure vanilla extract
3 tablespoons (45 ml) granulated or brown sugar (for finishing)

Vanilla pudding (Norwegian, standard)
2 dl sugar (to caramel)
6 dl milk
3 dl heavy/whipping cream
5 ss sugar
8 egg
1 vanilla bean or vanilla sugar

Now, consitency wise they're pretty close to each other and the ingredients are similar. The only thing I'm worried about is the caramelization of the sugar, but looking at Creme Brûlée that seems to happen in the sous vide as well.

Looking at the above, do you guys think it's safe to just blend it and toss it in the water bath at the same temp as the CB and see what happens?
Just did first test run at 83C, but it came out lumpy. Could be I should lower it to 82, could be the tiny leak the bag sprung. Need to retry :)
Quick update: I lowered it to 81C. The texture and taste is now perfect, but it seems to not set (?). I'll have to check it tomorrow morning, and maybe do a test run on 81.5C or 82C and see what happens.

Would love some feedback if anyone's got any ideas, suggestions or experiences to share :)

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