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My SousVide Supreme is due to be delivered within a few days by UPS.

One of the first things I would like to try is using Royal Worcester porcelain Egg Coddlers in the Sous Vide. They should work pretty well I would think as they have screw-on tops that are waterproof and are designed to be submerged in boiling water.

I presume that I should use the temperature setting given for other ways of "poaching" eggs in the SV but it is the amount of time which I have no idea. The thickness of the porcelain will surely add a lot of time, but how much?

Has anyone else tried, and succeeded, in coddling eggs using Royal Worcester porcelain Egg Coddlers in a Sous Vide?

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Douglas, about a month ago I did an experiment with what are sold in the US as 'eggies" which look to be plastic versions on the egg coddlers you are referencing. Most of the discussion I've read on eggs in sous vide is that the yolk and whites cook at two different temperatures. To get around the different temps I put the yolks in one of the eggies and the whites in two others. I put the yolks in the sous vide and boiled the white for a bout 4 minutes on the stove and then transferred them to the sous vide for the rest of the hour of cooking. This gave me firmer whites and the yolk was not over cooked.


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