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Has anyone tried cheese fondue Sous Vide? Would it work?

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I assume sous vide cheese fondue would work just fine, especially if you used a sous vide controller with a crock pot. Then you could just put the cheese in as usual and have the controller regulate the temperature where you want it. I think your only issue would be the lack of circulation because of the high viscosity of cheese.
I'm sorry, I don't see what you're trying to do... what is the point? cheese fondue is melted cheese served with a burner at the table so that it stays melted while you dip different things into it, it doesn't have to be cooked for a long time or at a very precise temperature, and I don't see how it would improve if you were to do so.
But I am curious.
I have an electric fondue pot which I love as it is much more convenient and much less dangerous than the old alcohol based burner I used before, I love it and it controls temperature perfectly.
I was thinking more from a restaurant point of view, as an appetizer. Rather than the complication of flame, tableside heat, etc. I was thinking of a way to easily portion and store pre-mixed servings, which could then be heated sous-vide and served in something like a hot cast iron little pot or something, with all the fixings. But you are right - It certainly doesn't require extended cooking or anything. I guess the idea is more like "boil in a bag" heating than sous-vide...

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