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If I cut a chicken breast 1/2 inch thick slices then cook in sous vide and after they are done fry quickly to have crispy chicken fingers with a moist chicken how would I do the following?

1. Time and temp in sous vide for chicken slices.
2. Process to get the batter/crust to stick to the chicken

Any help would be appreciated.

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For 1/2 slices I'd probably do either 2 hours (or more) at 57.5C (135.5F) or at least 45 minutes at 60.5C (141F). That should safely cook them through but still have them pretty undercooked (for the texture I usually prefer) so when you batter and fry them they won't become over cooked at all.

To coat them I'd dry them off, coat them in flour (preferably with some salt, pepper, and other spices like paprika, cayenne and/or cumin), dip them in a beaten egg, then coat in flour again. Then just deep fry them until the batter is browned.
I cook whole (2 per bird) boneless skinless free range chicken breasts sous vide for around 1h30 mins at 63°C. But I don't then batter and fry, I cut them into 3 or 4 pieces on the diagonal and nap with a creamy sauce. Were I to try them cooler - say 60.5° then I'd use longer, Baldwin's chart which is good enough for me, shows full pasteurization after 2 hours, for a breast around 40mm thick which is what I tend to get.
As usual, I cool fast, and they then freeze or keep perfectly till later.

To make the strips, I'd cook, cool, then (as Jason says, dry, slice and coat and then deep fry. They will warm up in the bstter perfectly. I'd be uneasy, sorry Jason, with deliberately not pasteurizing chicken.
I would cook to pasteurize, then chill and batter. Maybe add a bit of Xanthan to help the batter stick.

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