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The challenging part of making fudge is getting the temperatures precise (e.g. boil the fudge at 234 degrees F). Has anyone tried doing fudge with a sous vide cooker?

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Won't work. The hottest water will get to is it's boiling point of 212F.
I agree with Elsie that it can't be done with your typical sous vide cooker. I can say that my SVS makes a great place to temper chocolate and keep it melted at temper for use in dipping candies though.
Thanks Elsie and Leela. That means I can't immerse the fudge in a water bath. But I can fill the entire sous vide container with fudge instead of water. I'm using a sous vide controller that can be connected to a deep fryer or hot plate, so cleaning a sous vide machine after making fudge in it is not an issue.

But I guess it's safe to assume you two haven't tried it. :-)

I've not cooked fudge, but does it need to be kept at that temperature for a while? Otherwise an instant read thermometer like a thermopen would seem to be a simpler idea.

Also, check your thermal probe is okay to go up to 234F - some are only intended to go up to the boiling point of water.

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