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An excellent site below with lots of sous vide recipes. The pork belly is particularly good.

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Thanks Davey. Nice site. Although the recipes are arguably a little too "cheffy" for me, the times and temperatures in the sous vide recipes are very useful.
Should you have apple or android phones, I recommend Jason's app which has now supplanted Baldwin's book for my cooking. Even made it onto my home page on the phone

Nope, I'm a dinosaur, Don't have a mobile of any kind. Shame really.
Ah well, I suppose that the book will contain similarly useful tables? Baldwin is fine but I haven't found myself cooking meat to be done ASAP, rather I use it for tenderising for the majority of the time. The timetables that are used in the app (and I guess the book) suit this style a lot better. I do occasionally use the pasteurising tables for cooking chicken as I've found it gets a bit soggy when overdone and hence ASAP works quite well.

That's correct DaveyT, we have the same charts in both Beginning Sous Vide and Grilling Sous Vide.
Apropos of British larder, I made some serious comments/criticisms to their coq au vin recipe, and instead of answering them they merely removed my post. I don't think that's the way to run a website.

That is disappointing. I recall seeing the recipe six months ago and thinking it had some ideas to build on. Too bad they don't want constructive criticism (assuming that's what it was).

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