tonight: butter poached lobster

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What I did:

Made a Beurre Monté with a little water and lots of whisked in butter over low heat until emulsified.
To this I added some pasilla chile powder and a bit of smoked paprika.

Next I par boiled the lobsters (2 2lb-ers) for 3 minutes.
I then removed them, and broke off the claws... returned the claws to the par boil for another 2 mins.

Next, using shears and the back of a chef's knife, I removed the meat and bagged it in zip top bags with the flavoured beurre monté and some fresh tarragon leaves.
I used the displacement method to seal as well as possible.
(bodies into the freezer to make stock another night)

Next, sous vide at 140 F for 5 minutes.
and done.

Served with a Mango Salsa and the Voltaggio microwaved, vacuum bagged carrots trick.

perfect (if I do say so myself)

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Wow, that sounds really, really good!

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