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Thios will be my first attempt at a tri tip in the sous vide. If you're not from california it msy not be common in your area.It's a sirloin roast, 2-21/2 " x 3 # and I usually just grill it on the Weber.

I'm thinkinking 130-132 in the water for 8 to 10 hrs, an ice bath, in the fridge over night, a rub with olive oil, some spices and on a very hot grill 1 - 2 min/ side. Tent with foil 5 min or so and dig in.

Anyone see a problem or have a suggestion ?


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That is very similar to what I did yesterday. While the tri-tip was in the sous vide cooker I filled another bag with ingredients for chili (we're in Hawaii so beans are welcome) and cooked it along with the meat. I chilled everything then put the chili on the stove, grilled the meat and after it rested I cut it and put it into the chili just to warm through. My family really loved it. Later that night my son's friend came over and my son told him, "You've just got to try my dad's chili". I've already been asked when it will be on the menu again.
Thanks Ross. Curious about the beans...what kind, dried, fresh, canned?
I used canned black and kidney beans.
I think the best way to retherm your roast is to return it to the water oven, same temp as you cooked it at, wait 45 mins to 1 hour. The sear on the hot grill. You maintain much more control over the internal temp this way. Grilling it from cold (40F) will cook the outside to the center just like conventional oven roasting.
Thanks for the tip. I'll try it next time.
What excellent timing! I was just pulling my ribs out of the refrigerator after a cool down and was thinking that they would take a lot of "heat" to get back to the temperature I wanted them. I saw John's note and slipped them into the water bath to bring back to temperature. One of my earlier dislikes was that food that I put on the grill to add some color hadn't achieved the right temperature. This was an excellent suggestion.
Thanks again, John.

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