Anyone have a good tuna sous vide recipe?

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I cannot find an enthusiastic recipe for tuna sous vide. In fact I can find very little on the subject at all. Do any of you sous viders ahve anything to share on the subject?


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I eat my tuna seared with the middle raw so I've never done sous vide tuna before. If you like it more well done you could do it at 122°F or even 132°F. It would probably take 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the thickness.
Jason, like you, I prefer my tuna underdone. In fact, we often either eat it sashimi fashion or in a tartare. I thought there might be a benefit from the sous vide approach even for nearly raw or at least extremely rare tuna. I am new to sous vide. Perhaps there are areas where sous vide offers no benefit. Tuna may very well be one of those areas.

I agree. Tuna is definitely best raw. Any temperature above 10°C is counterproductive. Serve it raw and cold.

Bon appétit,

Here is another look at sous vide tuna from the folks at SV Kitchen. They do it at 110F for 15 minutes to make it a little hot and then sear it.

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