Vacuum Sealer Buyer's Guide and Vacuum Sealer bags and roll Discount Club

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Hello fellow cooks!

As we know, vacuum sealers are essential to Sous Vide cooking. When I began my Sous Vide journey I had no idea about vacuum sealers. I don't know about anyone else, but when I set out to buy something I tend to obsess over it. I have to know all of the nuances to make sure I am getting the right one for me, and at a fair price. I wound up spending more than a month reading through everything I could on vacuum sealers before making a purchase. I took all of that information that I amassed and I've written a Vacuum Sealer buyer's guide.
Read it here

Once you cook Sous Vide it is hard to go back. Like me, you'll end up going through a lot of Vacuum Sealer bags and Rolls. That gets expensive fast. I created a Vacuum Sealer bag and roll discount buyer's club.

Sign up here. The Vacuum Bag and Roll club is a sale alert list. I find the best deals on vacuum sealing medium, I’ll let you know where to buy it by sending you an email. Sometimes it may involve entering a coupon code, or simply following a link. Let me do the searching for you!

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