What are the temperature guides for frozen food cooked sous vide

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I have several lobsters in my freezer. I would like to prepare them using the sous vide method of cooking. I don't want to have to thaw the lobsters first. Would it require changing the temperature and / or how much more time would I have to add when preparing meat/poultry or seafood from a frozen state.

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Depending on the thickness of the food the amount of time added for frozen foods being sous vided can range from about 5 minutes for 20mm (~.75 inches) to 45 minutes for 55mm (~2 inches).
Thank you soooooo much, Jason!!! Every time I'd ask someone, who had some knowledge in cooking, their reply would be, "Good question", or "Huh? What is a Sous Vide?" One person thought it was a language course. Your reply was quite helpful, Thanks A LOT!!!!!!!. You may receive 2 replies, because as I was typing, the entire reply box disappeared, so I had to start all over.
No problem Nathalie, I'm always glad to help out fellow sous viders!

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