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Sous Vide Apple

Apples are a staple in many homes and are often enjoyed as is, baked or added into dishes. Although these fruits are in season during the months of September to November, they are available all year round. Apples go well with many different foods that include savory, sweet and spicy flavors making it a popular kitchen ingredient.

Basically apples are not hard to use in the kitchen; they are fairly easy to prepare both on the stove top and in the oven. The only problem that comes with cooking or baking an apple is keeping its shape, nutrients and color. With several thousand varieties of apples available, only a handful is suitable for cooking and baking. This does not mean however, that only the select varieties can be used in the kitchen.

The sous vide technique makes it possible to use all types of apples in the kitchen. This method uses temperatures that are lower than usual to cook the apples, breaking down fewer cell walls in the fruit. As a result, the apples lose less of the essential vitamins and minerals and are able to hold their shape better even after cooling. Despite this, sous vide apples still become tender due to the slow cooking. Additionally, sous vide brings out the flavors of apples better.

Like many other fruits and vegetables, sous vide apples are cooked at a temperature of 183°F or 84°C for more or less 3 hours. Cooking time may vary depending on how soft the apples need to be. When cooked just right the result is a tender apple that still has some bit to it.

Sous vide apples can be used for many different things when it comes to cooking. It may be used for many desserts including traditional apple pie, apple crisp or even a simple baked apple. These may also be poached, candied or pureed. Aside from a dessert it may also be used for stuffing, stews, soups and many other dishes.

Sous Vide Apple Recipes and Articles

Sous Vide Apple Cranberry Slab Pie

Placeholder Using the sous vide method to cook this apple cranberry filling keeps the apples nice and tender without the risk of them turning into apple sauce.

Sous Vide Bourbon-Maple Chutney

Placeholder This apple chutney is a very flavorful topping that provides a savory punch to pork, fish or even on a dessert! This recipe sous vides the apples in a bourbon, maple syrup, chipotle and thyme mixture.

Sous Vide "Baked" Apples with Apple Drizzle Syrup and Nut Garnish Recipe

Placeholder Summer isn't exactly apple season, but at both farmer's markets and grocery stores many varieties are available year-round. Here in Central California we've had quite a bit of cool weather from late May through June and into July. For me, cool weather means comfort food, and baked apples fall right into that category.

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