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Carbonation is the process of adding CO2 to foods, giving it the classic fizzy taste when eaten. It can be used to make sparkling sodas and drinks, or for a fun twist you can carbonate foods like grapes and watermelon.

A special piece of equipment called a whipping siphon is required for the carbonation of food. It is basically a reusable container with its primary use to create foams but it is also used to carbonate liquids, fruits, and spheres.

The cold liquid or fruit is placed in the whipping siphon and left under pressure for a time while the CO2 is absorbed into the food. Once it is no longer under pressure, the CO2 slowly emerges from the food, giving it the fizzy, carbonated taste and mouthfeel.

Carbonation Recipes and Articles

Watermelon Soup Recipe With Pickled Rind

When watermelon is in season it's hard to resist. For some parties you need nothing more than to slice it and hand it out with paper towels for people to scarf down. However, sometimes you want something a little more refined and that's where this recipe comes in.

Sparkling Grape Gazpacho Recipe

Sweet green grapes are another favorite snack of mine and they're a great party food because most people really like them. For this more upscale dish I turn them into a sweet, fizzy soup. The xanthan gum helps hold the particles in suspension and the carbonation effect adds a pleasant tingle and tang to it.

Carbonated Watermelon Salad

While the most common and well-known use of a whipping siphon is to create foams you can also use it to infuse liquids and to carbonate liquids. In this modernist recipe, I carbonate the water in watermelon to make a fizzy salad. It's a unique way to present an easy summer dish.

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