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Sous Vide Creme Brulee

Often regarded as a French dessert, but sometimes also referred to as English or Spanish, creme brulee is one of the most popular desserts around. Regardless of the origins of this European treat, it is much loved by many across the globe today. Literally translating to "burnt cream", creme brulee is basically a rich custard topped with caramelized sugar.

While it is made with relatively simple ingredients and easy to make, it may not be so easy to perfect. A good creme brulee is smooth and creamy with a firm yet soft consistency. However with the usual preparation methods of baking, it may be hard to achieve this kind of consistency. Many times this dessert ends up too firm, compact and even tough as a result of too much heat. When not enough heat is provided, the custard may not be cooked throughout and pose a problem for salmonella.

With sous vide creme brulee it is easy to get the right consistency and cook the custard properly thanks to the low, even temperatures and slow cooking provided by the water bath. This prevents the egg proteins in the custard from coagulating, yet still provides enough heat to pasteurize the eggs. Although traditional cooking also makes use of a water bath, the use of a conventional oven may make temperatures hard to control.

Sous vide creme brulee is cooked at a temperature of 185°F or 85°C for 50 minutes. The result is a set and smooth custard that is cooked uniformly throughout. The best part about this delicious dessert is that it can be prepared a few days in advance.

Sous Vide Creme Brulee Recipes and Articles

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