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Water Bath vs Stick Circulator for Sous Vide? - Ask Jason

Water Bath vs Stick Circulator for Sous Vide? - Ask Jason image In this episode of Ask Jason, Doug asks: "Is one better, a water bath or a stick circulator for sous vide?" That's a good question and part of it depends what you're trying to accomplish. I've used several water baths and they work really well. For most cooks and most uses a water bath (i.e. the Sous Vide Supreme) and a stick circulator (i.e. Anova, ChefSteps Joule or Gourmia) work just as well as each other.

Pressure Cooker Collection

Pressure Cooker Collection image Today pressure cookers are being viewed by home cooks as the new healthy, time-saving, and energy-saving way to prepare food. Moreover, today's pressure cookers have numerous devices built in to guarantee their safe use.

Sous Vide Collection

Sous Vide Collection image Sous vide is one of the most popular modernist techniques and one that is pushing modernist cooking into the mainstream. From fancy chefs like Thomas Keller and hit television shows like Iron Chef America and Top Chef to everyday restaurants like Panera, sous vide is popping up everywhere.

Getting Started Collection

Getting Started Collection image Getting started with Modernist Cooking can be a daunting task. However, there are just a few pieces of equipment and ingredients you need to get started. Here's a list of what I recommend for people just getting started with modernist cooking.

Whipping Siphon Collection

Whipping Siphon Collection image Perhaps the most versatile tool in the modernist cook's arsenal is the whipping siphon. It allows cooks to make hot or cold foams as well as carbonated beverages, spheres, or even fruits. It also makes preparing a batch of homemade whipped cream incredibly easy.

Required Modernist Equipment

Required Modernist Equipment image There are many different tools and pieces of equipment that modernist chefs use. These range from $5 tweezers used in plating to $10,000 rotary evaporators. Even with all this variety, someone getting started can get by with just four items, costing under $100 combined.

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