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The Secret Why Products and Services Are The Key to Serving Your Fans

Placeholder It is no secret that creating products and services is a great way to grow your income, but do you know WHY that is true?

Types of Branded Merchandise Food Bloggers Can Create

Placeholder Discovering how to create physical products is an amazing way to serve your fans and grow your income for your food blog. Here are several types of products you can create.

How to Sell Custom Spices to Your Readers

Placeholder Discovering how to sell custom spices on your food blog is a great way to grow your income while serving your Fans.

Keys to Succeeding With Products and Services

Placeholder Here are some of my tips for creating products and services to help ensure you will be successful serving your Fans.

How Do You Actually Publish a Cookbook?

Placeholder When bloggers first start thinking about serving their fans by creating products or services, they usually turn to a recipe book or cookbook. Here is everything you need to know to create your own.

How to Choose a Cookbook Subject

Placeholder Choosing the right subject for your cookbook is probably the most important decision you will make. Here are my tips for choosing a successful cookbook subject.

Tools of the Trade: Shopify

If you are selling physical products online, it can be a lot of work to display, sell, and collect money for them all. Shopify can provide a fully managed solution to this problem.

Tools of the Trade: Threadless Artist Shops

Placeholder Why should rock stars be the only ones who get amazing swag?!?! Be your own rock star! Here is how we have used Threadless to accomplish that.

How to Create and Sell T-Shirts for Your Food Blog

Placeholder A pretty easy, but often overlooked, way to make some extra money from your food blog is through selling t-shirts, mugs, bags, and other accessories. There are many ways to do this, but this article will look at using to create and sell them.

How to Design and Sell a Cheat Sheet Card for a Food Blog

Placeholder One of the most successful food blogger monetization strategies we implemented was to create a plastic cheat sheet that we could sell to our readers. Here is a detailed look at that process.

The Power of Products Your Readers Need

Placeholder Today I had a good reminder of the power of providing a product your readers both want and need. It was also a good reminder that your users can forget some of the things you have to offer, so reminding them occasionally isn't a bad thing!

Physical Product Case Study: Sous Vide Timing Ruler

Placeholder One of the ways we tried to better monetize our food blog was through the creation of physical products. We tried to create products that would meet their needs and make cooking easier for them. Here is one example.

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