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The Power of Products Your Readers Need

Today I had a good reminder of the power of providing a product your readers both want and need. It was also a good reminder that your users can forget some of the things you have to offer, so reminding them occasionally isn't a bad thing!

I was sending out my initial 2018 email newsletter and it had 4 articles in it. You can view the newsletter here: Amazing Food Made Easy Newsletter. Of the articles, 2 were completely informational, 1 was half informational and half salesy, and the final was just an "ad" for our Sous Vide Timing Ruler.

Sous vide timing ruler article

The Timing Ruler ad was a last minute addition to the newsletter, it was the last article, and I assumed most people would just skip over it. Usually the informational articles do best, and the articles at the top of the newsletter get more clicks than those at the bottom.

However, fully 50% of the clicks from that newsletter went to the Timing Ruler. The other links did good, with the email opened by 4,500 people we received 1,000 clicks, but our Timing Ruler had as many people click on it as all the other links combined. We also converted 12% of those clicks into sales and ended up selling more than 90 Sous Vide Rulers in a few days.

I took away several lessons from that:

  • Selling a product that people really want and need is easy, because they will seek it out.
  • Providing good content in your email newsletters is important so people will read the entire thing.
  • Readers can't keep track of all your best products, posts, and content, so occasionally reminding them of it will drive traffic and help your readers.

If you don't have an email newsletter set up yet, that's something you should do today. My newsletter is the most powerful tool I have to connect with my readers. I use MailChimp to send our newsletters but ConvertKit works great as well.

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Have you had any recent results from email newsletters that surprised you? Let me know in the comments.

Jason logsdon headshot Hi, I'm Jason Logsdon! I'm an adventurous home cook and the head writer and photographer for Amazing Food Made Easy. I grew my income to 6-figures by focusing on serving my Fans by providing massive value, and I want to help you do the same.

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