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You Don't Know if You'll Like Something Until You've Done it Several Times

I recently interviewed Chef Debbi Dubbs on the Makin' Bacon Podcast and this quote of hers really resonated with me.

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"The first one that I did, I was so nervous. I was scared to death. Then you get hooked." - Debbi Dubbs

There are things we don't do because we don't like doing them.

There are things we don't do because we are scared of them.

Being able to tell which is which is a key to pushing yourself forward.

Whether it's live video, public speaking, reaching out to brands, or talking to clients, we often put things we haven't tried into the "I don't like doing that" category. But often we are just scared to try doing them.

What have you been putting off that can move your business forward? Are you sure you aren't just scared? Let me know in the Makin Bacon Facebook Group or the comments below.

Try to give it a shot, just for a few weeks, and then re-assess it at that point.

Learn more about ways to work with people in my interview with Chef Debbi Dubbs.

If you want to read some more about this, here are a few helpful links.

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How do you approach this? Let me know in the Makin Bacon Facebook Group or the comments below.

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