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How Can You Use OptinMonster to Drive Traffic to a Specific Page on Your Site?

A big part of blogging is not just driving traffic to your blog, but also to a specific page on it. There are many ways to drive traffic to a specific page, but one of the most effective we have found is using OptinMonster.

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Key Truths for Food Bloggers to Grow Their Income

Making money from your food blog is not a bad thing, and trying to maximize your income while still serving your fans can take a mind-shift to be successful. Here are some of my top tips.

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How to Pick Your Niche as a Food Blogger

Picking your niche is one of the most important decisions you will make. Here's a guide to getting it done the right way.

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How to Sell Custom Spices to Your Readers

Discovering how to sell custom spices on your food blog is a great way to grow your income while serving your Fans.

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Can (and Should!) You Make Money with Ads on a Food Blog

Because I'm always talking about how you can grow your income by serving your Fans, usually through products and services, I often have people ask me if ads have any place on a food blog.

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Keys to Succeeding With Products and Services

Here are some of my tips for creating products and services to help ensure you will be successful serving your Fans.

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The Biggest Mistake Food Bloggers Make

What is the biggest mistake food bloggers make? Focusing on serving external companies instead of their Fans. I explain more about what that means and how you can avoid it.

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How to Create a Cooking Course

As you blog more and more, you will become an expert at teaching people how to successfully do the type of cooking you write about. Once you get to this point, it can be really smart to start looking at creating cooking courses. These courses are a great way to repackage your content in a new form that your Fans will love.

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How to Set up a Patronage Campaign

The concept of patronage goes back thousands of years, when the elites in a society would help support artists by paying for them to work. The creations would still belong to the artists, but the patrons believed enough in the value of the work to help fund it. As more and more small, niche bloggers and artists try to make a living through their work, the patronage model has made a comeback.

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What Skills Do You Need to be a Successful Food Blogger?

You don't need any specific skills to start as a food blogger. Here is a little bit about my background, and how despite my lack of experience I became a successful food blogger.

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How to Think About Making Money as a Food Blogger

Many food bloggers are conflicted about trying to grow the income from their blog. But making money is not bad, especially when you are still serving your Fans.

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How to Choose a Cookbook Subject

Choosing the right subject for your cookbook is probably the most important decision you will make. Here are my tips for choosing a successful cookbook subject.

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The Power of Products Your Readers Need

Today I had a good reminder of the power of providing a product your readers both want and need. It was also a good reminder that your users can forget some of the things you have to offer, so reminding them occasionally isn't a bad thing!

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