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Create and Produce Products with Kate Hansen

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Discover how you can invent and create your own products during this interview with Kate Hansen. Kate is the inventor of the Ergo Spout(R), a spout and handle for mason jars, which she launched on Kickstarter raising over $40,000 from over 1,000 backers. She shares her journey, tips and tricks she learned along the way, and talks about how food bloggers can do the same thing.

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About Kate Hansen

Kate Hansen is the inventor of the Ergo Spout(R), a spout and handle for mason jars. She and her husband launched the Ergo Spout(R) on Kickstarter in the summer of 2018 and raised over $40,000 from over 1,000 backers. Since then they have launched several other smaller products, including an Ergo Spout(R) cookbook. A Wide Mouth version of the Ergo Spout(R) is currently in development and will be launched on Kickstarter soon.

Key Takeaways

  • Why iterating is so important/li>
  • Why done is better than perfect
  • Why you need a LOT of ideas
  • Why validation (of your business ideas) is critical to success
  • How Kickstarter works
  • Advantages of Kickstarter
  • How to run a successful Kickstarter campaign
  • How to drive traffic to Kickstarter campaigns
  • Ways to leverage farmers market for validation and initial customers
  • Why your audience might not be the audience you think it will be
  • Why talking to people in person is so helpful to determining your market
  • Why driving traffic during your launch is critical regardless of your platform.
  • How to get comfortable selling, especially if you haven't sold in the past.
  • Why selling something you love and believe in is so much easier.
  • How to not be sleazy when you sell
  • How influencers should actually be
  • How to manage an affiliate program as a creator
  • Why inexpensive products can struggle in affiliate programs
  • Strategies for successfully using affiliate links
  • What tactic the Egro Spouts' biggest affiliate used
  • Why size doesn't always matter for bloggers
  • Where bloggers should start when looking into product creation
  • How to look at The Product Spectrum and decide what is right for you.
  • How do you ship products
  • How to decide when to grow and outsource
  • >

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Transcription of Kate Hansen Podcast

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