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Sous Vide Leg of Lamb

Leg of lamb was a common meal back in the early days. This staple was a regular part of the colonial diet. Today, it is less common than pork or beef but still not something rare. Special occasions often bring about dishes such as roast leg of lamb. Other times, it is simply part of a daily meal. Whatever the situation, a leg of lamb can make a delicious dish, especially if it is prepared right.

This versatile cut is full of flavor and made up of a mixture of meat, fat and collagen making it difficult to cook just right. Since some parts of the leg are tenderer these are easier to cook while parts with more muscle may take longer to finish. As a result of this a leg of lamb may either turn out unevenly cooked or overcooked. Either way, this makes the dish hard to enjoy.

Using sous vide to cook a leg of lamb is one of the best ways to get a properly and uniformly cooked meal. The slow cooking and precise heat used helps cook the leg throughout. At the same time it keeps moisture in, preventing it from drying out or making it hard. Also, the controlled heat allows the meat to reach the ideal internal temperature preventing any further cooking to happen once the leg of lamb is done , unlike with traditional cooking methods.

FDA states that lamb should be cooked at 130°F for more than 112 minutes of 140°F for 12 minutes to be safe. Sous vide leg of lamb is held at 135°F for anywhere between 48 to 60 hours. Cooking time will depend on the size of the leg, as well as the desired doneness of the meat.

Like many other meats cooked sous vide style, seasonings, herbs and spices may all be used during the process. The leg of lamb may be dry rubbed with your choice of spices or have whole sprigs of spices like thyme and rosemary included in the vacuum pack. Sous vide leg of lamb may be finished in a pan or grill for added color, or paired with sauce and a side dish.

Sous Vide Leg of Lamb Recipes and Articles

Sous Vide Lamb Curry Recipe

Placeholder This is a classic curry featuring sous vide boneless leg of lamb. It can also be used with chicken or pork. Serve it with rice and bread to soak up sauce and maybe a crisp salad to offset the richness of the curry.

Sous Vide Leg of Lamb with Asparagus and Mushrooms over Gnocchi

Placeholder This sous vide recipe is for leg of lamb with asparagus and mushrooms over homemade gnocchi. It's by is by Matt B., a professional market researcher in Seattle, and an amateur at everything else. He cooks because he loves food, science, and challenges, so send him recipe requests anytime!

Spicy Sous Vide Lamb Kebabs Recipe

Placeholder If you like lamb then these kebabs are for you. Cooking the lamb leg via sous vide for 18 to 36 hours results in super-tender meat. With a quick cook on the grill to finish off the vegetables the lamb should stay very moist. The spices in the lamb are pretty traditional but you can substitute anything you prefer. This sous vide recipe is great when served with some saffron rice, Tzatziki sauce, and a simple side salad.

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