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Sous Vide Mahi Mahi

The common dolphinfish, also popularly known as Dorado and mahi-mahi is a ray-finned tropical and subtropical fish. The name mahi mahi is taken from the Hawaiian language. This fish is characterized by its bright blue and green skin color on the sides along with its white and yellow belly.

Flavor wise this fish is slightly sweet with mildly fishy yet pronounced taste. It has a stronger taste than tilapia and can be likened to swordfish. Texture can be described as moderately firm, characterized by large flakes. In the same way as other fish, mahi mahi is susceptible to becoming overcooked. This turns the meat from moist to dry and affect the taste as well.

Using sous vide to prepare mahi mahi can prevent it from becoming overcooked and losing its superb qualities. The low temperature and slow cooking seal in moisture and flavor while ensuring that the fish cook through all the way. Sushi grade mahi mahi can be cooked sous vide with a temperature of 122°F or 50°C, while those of lower quality should be prepared at 132°F or 55.6°C.

Sous vide mahi mahi can be used in many different recipes. Due to the medium taste and sweet flavor of this fish it goes well with strong spices, rich marinades and pronounced seasonings. It also goes with many different fruits and vegetables ranging from beans to mangoes and salsa, and is a great wine pair as well. Sous vide prepped mahi mahi can be finished by broiling, grilling and pan searing among other things.

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Sous Vide Mahi Mahi with Corn Salad Recipe

Mahi Mahi is a full flavored fish that can stand up to bolder ingredients. Here we pair it with some summer vegetables and a lime vinaigrette with some moderate heat. For a spicier dish you can add sliced serrano or jalapeno peppers to the dressing.

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