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Sous Vide Pasta

The uses of the sous vide method extends to various areas in the kitchen, including the preparation of pasta dishes, specifically sauce. Just about anything and everything can be put into pasta sauce including vegetables, chicken, seafood and meat.

Having vegetables, chicken and seafood in pasta can mean having these become overdone while waiting for the sauce to reduce, simmer or simply cook. With sous vide pasta, these ingredients can be cooked to right doneness and set aside until it is ready to be added in.

On the other hand, tougher cuts of meat such as beef for stroganoff may take too long to tenderize, drying up the sauce or causing an extended cooking time. In the same way as with tender ingredients, tougher ones may be prepped using sous vide to ensure that it is soft enough to be used without having to leave it in the sauce too long.

Aside from the ingredients being done just right, sous vide can also be used to make a sauce base. Tomatoes and herbs can be cooked using sous vide for a basic red sauce. The process can also be used to pasteurize eggs for recipes like pasta carbonara.

Sous vide pasta cooking time will depend on what is being prepped. Most vegetables are typically cooked at 183°F and chicken meat at 147°F, while eggs should be kept at 135°F if being used for raw cooking. High quality seafood can be held at 132°F, while lower grades are best cooked at 135°F. Beef may be done anywhere from 140°F to 149°F depending on the cut and desired doneness.

Sous Vide Pasta Recipes and Articles

Sous Vide Lobster-Licious Pasta Recipe

Sous Vide Lobster-Licious Pasta Recipe image Tender sous vide lobster covered in a creamy white wine sauce all served over some al dente pasta is the perfect way to consume lobster!

Sous Vide Seafood Pasta with Creamy Pesto Recipe

Sous Vide Seafood Pasta with Creamy Pesto Recipe image Cooking perfectly tender calamari with no worries of turning it into rubber, I combine it with some sous vide shrimp and creamy pesto pasta for an easy meal.

Sous Vide Ragu alla Bolognese Recipe

Sous Vide Ragu alla Bolognese Recipe image Sous vide Ragù alla Bolognese is not your typical dish but it takes the best of the Italian classic and uses sous vide for the precision and great control that it offers.

Sous Vide Osso Buco Date Night Short Ribs Recipe

Sous Vide Osso Buco Date Night Short Ribs Recipe image This sous vide osso bucco short ribs are the perfect date night dish! Combined with some mushrooms and lemon garlic pasta will have your SO drooling!

Sous Vide Shrimp Pomodoro Linguine Recipe

Sous Vide Shrimp Pomodoro Linguine Recipe image Simple and light is the key now that summer is in full swing and the gardens are putting out tons of fresh vegetables. This pomodoro sauce is a very fast sauce to make and makes great use of the fresh tomatoes from the garden. It really highlights the flavor of the tomatoes and herbs in it. Here I pair it with sous vide shrimp but it also goes great with chicken.

Sous Vide Chicken Marsala Recipe

Sous Vide Chicken Marsala Recipe image Chicken Marsala is one of my favorite Italian dishes to make. It is such a simple recipe and is so easy to make. The only tricky part is trying to make sure the chicken breasts are cooked through without turning them soggy. Using sous vide to pre-cook the chicken breasts eliminates this issue. Read the whole sous vide chicken marsala recipe for the details.

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