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Sous Vide Cod

Cod refers to any of the cold, deep water fish belonging to the Gadidae family. This mild flavored fish is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Its flesh is delicate, yet dense and flaky when cooked properly. Like most other fishes, it gets done easily and can be quite easy to overcook causing it to become dry and rubbery.

Sous vide is a good cooking method to use with cod. Since it employs the process of slow cooking and uses low temperatures, the fish does not become tough or dried up. The constant low temperature that it is held at allows moisture to be retained, while the slow cooking keeps it tender.

Cod that is cooked through sous vide is held at a temperature of 132°F or 55.6°C for about 15 to 30 minutes depending on how thick or large the fish is. Cooking time may also vary depending on how well done the cod needs to be. The fish may be seasoned before being put in the water bath to help make it tastier.

Being a mild flavored fish, it is easy to flavor cod with many different ingredients. This fish will go with anything from simple olive oil and salt to tangy lemon or spicy paprika. Sous vide cod can also be finished through searing or grilling to add some color to it. However, it may also be served as is, braised for a healthier option. With its delicious and delicate taste, there are many different foods that can be served alongside sous vide cod.

Sous Vide Cod Recipes and Articles

Sous Vide Gefilte Fish

I am not Jewish, but I was recently invited to a Passover Seder and was requested to provide Gefilte Fish a traditional course during the Seder meal. Historically it is made with fresh water fish, but almost any fish will work. I used cod as it was the freshest local fish available and decided to turn it into a sous vide recipe.

Sous Vide Cod Recipe

Placeholder Most of the sous vide I cook is focused on meat and chicken but sometimes I like to mix it up and do some fish. Here is a sous vide cod recipe that comes out nice and tender with a light flavor perfect for summer.

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