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SO-VIDA Sleeve Heating and Power Consumption Test

The SO-VIDA sous vide sleeve can insulate your water bath. We ran in through several tests to determine just how much effect it has.

SO-VIDA Sous Vide Container Sleeve Review

This is our detailed review of the SO-VIDA sous vide sleeve that can be used to insulate and protect your water bath.

Best Sous Vide Water Bath Container Systems

Buying a sous vide circulator is the first step in the sous vide process. You can use your circulator in any pot, and if you are just getting started it's a great way to go, but for maximum sous vide efficiency you may want to turn to a dedicated sous vide water bath. There are several ones that we recommend, and each one has its own lids, racks, and insulators that can make it even better.

Sous Vide Collection

Sous vide is one of the most popular modernist techniques and one that is pushing modernist cooking into the mainstream. From fancy chefs like Thomas Keller and hit television shows like Iron Chef America and Top Chef to everyday restaurants like Panera, sous vide is popping up everywhere.

Sous Vide: Water Bath Containers

Due to the increasing popularity of immersion circulators I thought it would be useful to present a variety of options for the sous vide water bath container. For each type I will cover the advantages and disadvantages as well as indicate where they can be purchased.

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