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Sous Vide Grilling

Grilling is a popular cooking method that involves the use of dry heat on the outside of food. This much loved cooking technique can be used on almost all types of food including pork, beef, chicken, fish, game, vegetables and fruits. Grilling brings about a distinct taste and aroma that comes from a chemical reaction in the method.

The flavors brought about by grilling and the fun that comes with this cooking process has made it a favorite among many. One downside to this technique, though, is the difficulty of controlling temperatures. More often than not, high heat reaching 500°F or more is what food becomes exposed to. As a result it is very easy for food not to be cooked properly.

In many cases, whatever is being grilled will either be undercooked by appearing done on the outside but raw on the inside, or overcooked, tough and dry. Using the sous vide method alongside grilling is the best way to get perfectly grilled food. Rather than cooking food by grilling alone, it can be prepped through sous vide before being finished on the grill.

By doing this, overcooked or undercooked food can be avoided. The food gets cooked all the way through by sous vide, but can still be grilled quickly for that distinct flavor and smell. For pork, beef, seafood, poultry and game this will give way to tender and juicy meat. Vegetables and fruits on the other hand will retain more nutrients, color, and taste in addition to having a different texture.

When using sous vide to prep food for grilling, fruits and vegetables are usually held at 183°F. Chicken and other poultry at 147°F, while high quality seafood can be prepped at 132°F and lower grades at 135°F. Beef is best done anywhere from 140°F to 149°F and pork at 131°F to 140°F depending on the cut and desired doneness.

Sous Vide Grilling Recipes and Articles

Sous Vide Shish Kebabs Recipe

Placeholder Shish kebabs are a great summer food that is made even easier by pre-cooking the meat with sous vide. It results in a perfectly cooked shish kebab every time!

Sous Vide Beer Brat Grinders with Guinness Mustard

Placeholder Beer braised brats are a great summertime BBQ dish. I really like it served with a strongly flavored Guinness mustard on a toasted bun with grilled peppers and onions. Since the grill is already hot from the veggies, finish the brats with a quick sear to caramelize the outside and enjoy!

Sous Vide Bourbon BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe

Placeholder Just because summer is coming to an end doesn't mean we can't still enjoy a few last, good summer meals! This sous vide pulled pork recipe is easy to make and you can finish it off on the grill for lots of additional flavor.

Sous Vide Hamburgers Recipe

Placeholder Grilled hamburgers are something I look forward to every year. The combination of the beef, cheese, bun, and sauce is always amazing. The only downside is that I prefer medium-rare burgers which means I have to grind my own meat, something that can be time consuming. Luckily, when you use a sous vide recipe, you can cook your hamburgers long enough to pasteurize them so you can enjoy medium-rare burgers with minimal effort.

Sous Vide Beef Kebabs Recipe

Placeholder Sous vide beef kebabs are one of my favorite recipes to make. I love the taste of the beef with the grilled vegetables. In the sous vide recipe we utilize a bottom round roast to create tender and spicy beef kebabs that we finish on the grill. You can use just about any cut of meat but the bottom round roast is nice and cheap with a good amount of fat on it.

Sous Vide Italian Sausage Recipe with Onions and Peppers

Placeholder Using sous vide to cook the sausage in this classic dish of sausage and peppers ensures a moist, perfectly cooked sausage. You can also eat this dish on a hoagie roll with melted provolone cheese on top. It's a quick and easy sous vide recipe

Spicy Sous Vide Lamb Kebabs Recipe

Placeholder If you like lamb then these kebabs are for you. Cooking the lamb leg via sous vide for 18 to 36 hours results in super-tender meat. With a quick cook on the grill to finish off the vegetables the lamb should stay very moist. The spices in the lamb are pretty traditional but you can substitute anything you prefer. This sous vide recipe is great when served with some saffron rice, Tzatziki sauce, and a simple side salad.

Sous Vide Sirloin Steak Recipe with Herbed Butter

Placeholder Now that spring is finally coming around, it's time to start grilling. There's lots of ways to utilize sous vide with your grill but sometimes you just want a simple meal with some grill flavor. This sous vide recipe fits the bill.

Sous Vide Beef Ribs Recipe

Placeholder Big juicy beef ribs are one of my favorite foods but you have to make sure they become tender enough to really enjoy them. There are many ways to make sure they are tender, from smoking to braising, to cooking in the oven at low temperatures. They all have their benefits and sous vide just adds one more option for you. You can follow our sous vide recipe or come up with your version.

Sous Vide BBQ Chicken Thighs Recipe

Placeholder Using sous vide to cook the BBQ chicken thighs results in very tender meat. This sous vide recipe also focuses on adding the requisite smokiness you need for great BBQ chicken by grilling them at the end with BBQ sauce.

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