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Sous Vide Grouper

A common name for several species of fish belonging to the sea bass family, grouper is a popular kitchen fare. The size of grouper can range anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds depending on the specific variety. The lean and firm flesh makes this highly favored in the kitchen. When its skin is kept on, grouper tends to have a very strong taste. However, when it is removed the flesh has a mild sweet flavor that is versatile and goes well with many ingredients including garlic, lemon, mustard and honey to name a few.

There are different ways that this fish can be prepared, among the most common techniques are grilling, braising and frying. Bringing out the flavor of this flaky fish often means using the right amount of heat during cooking. This fish tends to become even more firm as it is cooked. In the same way as many other fishes, sous vide works well when preparing grouper.

The method of using precise temperatures and longer cooking time can bring out the best of the fish. Both of these factors work together to make sure that the fish retains its natural juices and stays moist while cooking it all the way through and making it tender. Sushi quality grouper is held at a temperature of 122°F or 50°C, while others are held at 132°F or 55°C for about 15 to 30 minutes.

Sous vide grouper is delicious as is and can be cooked with the desired seasoning, making it ready to eat once done. Of course, the process may also be used to prep the fish. After being sous vide, the grouper may be finished in the grill, pan or oven. It may also be used as an ingredient to pasta, soup, stew, stir fried dishes, salads and many more.

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Blackened Sous Vide Grouper Caesar Salad

Placeholder This simple summer recipe is inspired by the Lazy Flamingo, a great bar in Bokeelia, Florida we always go to when we visit family down there. They have local, fresh grouper on the menu and you can get it grilled, blackened, or fried and served on salad, a sandwich, or just plain. My wife always gets it blackened on their Caesar salad. Here's a version of it for a sous vide recipe you can make at home.

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