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Sous Vide Salmon

A variety of oily fish, salmon is one of the most popular and sought after fishes when it comes to cooking. Soft and moist in texture it carries a mild yet creamy taste that almost melts in the mouth. The downside to this is that this delicate fish tends to dry out and loose flavor when overcooked.

The sous vide method provides an easy solution to this with a low temperature water bath. The cooking process cooks the salmon through without sacrificing any of its tenderness or flavor. This also helps preserve the bright pink coloring in the fish as opposed to giving it a cooked color often found in fish cooked using higher temperatures.

Many also prefer to brine salmon prior to sous vide. The process of prepping the fish in salt and other ingredients helps to prevent the production of white protein from the fish, otherwise known as albumen. While there is nothing wrong with having this present, it may not look very appealing.

Cooking temperature for sous vide salmon depends on the quality of the fish. Commonly sushi quality salmon is cooked at a lower temperature of 122°F or 50° C, while others are cooked at 132°F or 55.5°C. Either way, this variety of fish only takes 30 minutes to cook.

Salmon that is prepared using the sous vide method is very versatile and can go a long way. For starters, it can be seasoned with the desired ingredients, making it a one dish meal. Secondly, the basic brine and cooking method will create a piece of salmon that be used for almost anything from appetizers to salads and main dishes.

Sous vide cooked salmon can be paired with vegetables, pasta, bread, rice and more. It may be seared, added into soups, stews and other dishes as well. There is also no forgetting that it may be dressed up with many different types of sauce.

The skin on salmon may be kept on or taken off during the cooking process, depending on the dish being prepared. Those who prefer to have it well done set the skin aside and crisp it for garnish.

Sous Vide Salmon Recipes and Articles

Sous Vide Citrus Cured Salmon with Fennel Carpaccio Recipe

Placeholder Lightly curing salmon infuses it with flavor and contributes a firmness of texture. Once it has been cured, I like to cook it at 110°F (43°C) to give it some structure without drying it out any. It's then chilled and sliced thinly before being served on top of a fennel carpaccio. It's a bright, citrusy dish that is great as a light main course on a spring day or as an appetizer to share.

Bourbon Glazed Sous Vide Salmon with Blue Grits Recipe

Placeholder This particular dish is sort of a mashup of my past and my present. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, salmon is plentiful and a large staple of your diet. Living in the South now, and having access to world class grits, it was inevitable that eventually they met. Shrimp and grits is one of my all-time favorite meals, so salmon wasn't that far off my radar when it came time to decide how to proceed with this dish.

Sous Vide Salmon Recipe with Apple and Jalapenos

Placeholder Sous vide salmon is a tender, soft meat that can be unlike anything cooked in a traditional manner. I pair it with spicy jalapenos and sous apples for a tart, rich dish.

Sous Vide Salmon Recipe With Cucumber-Dill Salad

Sous vide salmon is a classic recipe and here we complement it with a cucumber and dill salad. The balsamic vinegar will give it some extra sweetness and tartness while still allowing the salmon to shine through

Stove-Top Sous Vide Salmon Recipe

Placeholder One of the big misconceptions about sous vide cooking is that you have to spend thousands of dollars to do it. While it is possible to spend that much money you can also get a very good sous vide set up for much cheaper, or even for free, as this "stove-top" sous vide salmon recipe will show you.

Sous Vide Salmon Recipes

Placeholder If you are interested in experimenting with sous vide cooking, Salmon is a great way to get started. Salmon, and most fish, only need to be cooked for a short amount of time, normally 10-20 minutes. This makes it easier to keep the temperature constant without expensive sous vide equipment. Sous vide salmon also has a drastically different texture than normal salmon.

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