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Sous Vide Swordfish

Known in other places as broadbill, the swordfish is an oily fish belonging to the bill family. It is known for its long bill on the upper jaw which resembles a sword, hence the name. Aside from this it is also characterized by its deep grey, iron-like colored skin as well as its slender body. Popular in the kitchen, this fish is known to have meaty flesh that is firm with a texture similar to tuna.

Often sold in thick steak cuts, swordfish can be cooked in a variety of ways including poaching, grilling, searing, sautéing and frying. Normally the fish is preferably cooked until the outside has browned and is well done, while the inside stays moist and juicy on the inside. This can be quite tricky to achieve especially when you try to get the balance between the two. The tendency for swordfish is to release a lot of its juice while being cooked, leaving the fish dry.

In the same way as with other types of fish and seafood, sous vide can help cook swordfish perfectly and with less effort as well. The methods employed in sous vide allows the thick slices of fish to cook all the way through, making it safe for consumption. At the same time, it keeps in any juices that may otherwise be secreted during cooking; this helps keep the meat moist. Of course, the low temperatures also ensure that the fish meat stays tender. Best of all, sous vide swordfish ends up with a sweet, melt-in-the-mouth buttery flavor.

Once the fish has been cooked sous vide style, it can be finished on the grill or pan quickly for the traditional color and flavor. Being a versatile fish, it can also be mixed with vegetables for a quick stir fry or served with any desired sauce. For those who prefer a quicker and easier way to cook this fish, just add in the desired seasonings into the bag before cooking. Once done it can be eaten as is with any sidings that you fancy.

Sous Vide Swordfish Recipes and Articles

Sous Vide Swordfish with Romesco Sauce Recipe

Placeholder My Sous Vide Swordfish with Romesco Sauce Recipe is one of my favorite meals. Tender and buttery swordfish combines with bright and fresh tomatoes for a delicious dish.

Sous Vide Swordfish Recipe

Placeholder After my wife's recent promotion at work we decided to do something fancy at home for dinner to celebrate. Since swordfish is her favorite fish I decided to do a sous vide swordfish dish with a bunch of vegetables from our garden and the local farmers market.

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