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Sous Vide Sweet Potato

There is something very rustic, yet comforting about sweet potatoes. These tuberous vegetables are favored by both the young and old because of its flavor and texture. When properly cooked these root crops have a creamy texture that is accompanied by a slightly sweet, flavorful and rich taste. However, not everyone is able to enjoy this.

Many times, after being cooked sweet potatoes end up being dry and with much less flavor. This can be attributed to the way that it is prepared. In its raw state, this large tuber is solid and hard requiring a good amount of boiling, steaming, grilling or roasting in order to soften it up. The prolonged cooking and the high temperatures deplete the sweet potatoes of both moisture and flavor. More than this, it also removes many of the nutrients in it.

Using sous vide to prepare sweet potatoes gets rid of all these problems. For starters, the low heat in this cooking process does not break down cell walls within the vegetable. This means that more nutrients are retained, making sous vide sweet potatoes healthier.

Of course, sous vide also helps make sure that the tubers retain the needed moisture since they are cooked in a vacuum sealed bag. Lastly, since the moisture is retained, these do not dry out. Instead, sous vide sweet potatoes are moist enough to have that creamy texture. These may also cooked to be a little more firm, making it suitable for further cooking.

To cook the sweet potatoes they are immersed in a 183°F or 83.9°C water bath for 45 to 60 minutes. Longer cooking time will result in sweet potatoes soft enough to be mashed or pureed. There are many different uses for these root vegetables that have been prepared sous vide style. When mashed or pureed it can be added to soups, pies or served as is. It may also be included in salads, side dishes and even main dishes. The sweetness also makes it appropriate for dessert dishes.

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Sous Vide Sweet Potatoes

Placeholder Sweet potatoes are a classic holiday dinner staple. Using sous vide helps you ensure they are perfectly cooked and come out tender with loads of flavor. This recipe candies the sweet potatoes for even more flavor.

Spicy Sous Vide Sweet Potato Salad Recipe

Sweet potatoes are a favorite food around my house and I'm always looking at ways to incorporate them into more dishes. To make them more convenient I often sous vide sweet potatoes. Here I take sous vide sweet potatoes cubes and combine them in a salad with beans and corn. The chipotle adds a nice burn to the usually super sweet potatoes and helps turn this into a savory salad.

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