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How to Use Infused Alcohols in Cocktails

Barrel aged alaska There are many ways you can use infused alcohols in cocktails. I highlight my favorite drinks drinks including tasting flights, classic cocktails, composed drinks and more!

Mulled Wine Infusion Recipe

Whipping siphon mulled wine Mulled wine is a traditional spiced wine, usually flavored with cinnamon, raisins, orange, and star anise. Using the sous vide infusion process results in a more flavorful, nuanced mulled wine by preventing flavor loss that normally occurs when wine is boiled.

White Sangria Infused Wine Recipe

White sangria infused wine siphon White sangria infused wine is a popular fruity, sweet refreshment. Using the whipping siphon infusion process makes the wine more robust because all the flavor from the fruits is extracted.

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