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Eye of Round Steak

Information for Eye of Round Steak

Cut Ratings

Flavor 2 star rating
Tenderness 1 star rating
Value 1 star rating
Leanness 1 star rating

Typical Cooking Methods


Other Names for Eye of Round Steak

Eye steak

Good Substitutes for Eye of Round Steak

Round steak, cube steak

Traditional Dishes for Eye of Round Steak

Swiss steak

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Description of Eye of Round Steak

The eye of round steak is a round shaped cut of meat that is cut from the outer portion of the round. The round is sometimes referred to as the rump or butt because it comes from the rear-most portion of the cow. This is a very lean cut of steak and can be eaten by those on certain low-fat diets. Because the eye of round steak is so lean, it can also be dry and tough. These are steaks that you would definitely want to braise in order to get them as tender as possible. These are not steaks that you would want to cook out on the grill. If you do choose to grill this steak, make sure you marinate it well prior to cooking.

Eye of round steak can be used as the beef in beef stew. It is leaner than chuck which is often used in stew. This is important especially for those on low-fat diets who still want to enjoy beef stew.

Swiss steak is one of the most common traditional dishes the eye of round steak is used. In this dish, the eye of round steak is pounded with a meat mallet or rolled over with a small bladed rolling pin. This technique is called "Swissing" or cubing. The steak is then braised in a tomato based sauce with carrots and celery and served over rice, mashed potatoes, or noodles.

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