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Sous Vide Searing

Sous vide rack lamb searing

Searing your food after it is done cooking sous vide is often a required step if you want flavorful and attractive food. There are many ways to sear your food and what you pick will depend a lot on what you feel most comfortable with.

The most popular ways to sear your foods is in a pan or by using a sous vide torch. You can read more about torches in our detailed sous vide torch reviews. Many people who sear in a pan highly recommend using a cast iron pan of some sort. You can also finish sous vided food by grilling or smoking. For more searing information, you can check out my comprehensive guide on how to sear sous vide foods.

If you are interested in more information about sous vide, you can enroll in my free Exploring Sous Vide course or look into one of my many sous vide books.

Our Top Sous Vide Searing Picks

These sous vide searing are what we recommend to our friends and family. While one might be a better fit for you personally, you can't go wrong with any of them. These are mainly with a focus on home cooks (see below for professional machines).

Highly Recommended Sous Vide Searing

These are sous vide searing that we highly respect and feel very comfortable recommending, with a focus on home cooks (see below for professional machines). They might not match our Top Picks, but they are sous vide searing many people use and are very happy with.

Other Sous Vide Searing

These sous vide searing are not included in the above lists because some of them have not been released yet, some used to be great but are older, some are more expensive than comparable sous vide searing, and some may have other issues.

User Comments on the Sous Vide Searing

Have you used something that we don't cover here? Let us know what you use and why you love it!

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