Written by Jason Logsdon

Sous Vide Mugs

We all love sous vide, and sometimes we want everyone else to know we love it. Check out our sous vide mugs and see which ones inspire you to show off!

Note: This is a Threadless item, and can be ordered at the same time as our shirts, mugs, notebooks, phone cases, and bags.

Types of Sous Vide Mugs

There are 3 types of mugs:

Standard Mug

Our standard mug is just what you need to start your day off right. It comes in two sizes, 11oz, and for those really rough mornings, a 15oz size!

Latte Mug

The 12oz latte mug is the perfect flared vessel to hold your morning liquid gold! Now you just need to hire a personal barista to make it for you!

Travel Mug

For those mornings when you don't have time to sit around and savor your morning drink you can use one of our travel mugs. It comes either with or without a handle and holds 14oz of your morning caffeine fix!

Do You Sous Vide Beef?

Do You Sous Vide? If so, let everyone know with our fun cow mugs.

Do You Sous Vide Pork?

Are pigs more your thing? Our pig themed "Do You Sous Vide" mugs will help you make a statement.

Do You Sous Vide Chicken?

If you think sous vide chicken is divine, let everyone know with our "Do You Sous Vide" chicken mugs!

I Love My Sous Vide

Show the love of your favorite circulator with these "I Love My Sous Vide" mugs!

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