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How to Easily Track Your Projects with ClickUp

As your team grows, it becomes harder and harder to keep track of the projects and see what people are working on.

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ClickUp is the project management program we use to help make good collaboration possible. It makes it easy to set up templates and publishing flows to make sure you don't forget any of the small steps needed. It's easy to assign tasks, comment on various projects, and track where different projects are currently at.

There are a few issues we have found with the interface, and for more advanced flow tracking it's not always intuitive, but the overall benefits definitely outweigh them.

With three people on our team, ClickUp also makes it pretty easy to see what tasks everyone is working on, and to be alerted when it's your turn to work on something.

If you are finding that projects and tasks are falling through the cracks, it would be worth checking out ClickUp to see if it's right for you.

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How do you track your projects and collaborate with your team? Let me know in the Makin Bacon Facebook Group or the comments below.

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