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There are many websites about sous vide but one of the only ones that I follow constantly is SVKitchen. They have wonderful recipes that cover a wide range of topics, many of which are in areas I don't cover.

One of these topics that I have very little experience with is sous vide desserts. They use sous vide in a variety of ways to create incredible desserts, many of which are very convenient and easy to make with sous vide.

Because of their expertise I asked them to contribute some of their sous vide dessert recipes to a special feature here that we are calling Sweet Sous Vide. We will be adding a new sous vide dessert recipe every other week so be sure to check back to see all of them.

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For more information and recipes you can view all my sous vide recipes or general modernist cooking recipes.

Sweet Sous Vide Recipes

Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd image This sous vide lemon curd recipe is part of the fantastic Sweet Sous Vide feature by SVKitchen.com. You can make it into a quick and easy iced lemon curd mousse - a deliciously elegant, yet refreshing finish to any meal.
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Sous Vide Malted Milk Shake Ice Cream Recipe

Sous Vide Malted Milk Shake Ice Cream Recipe image Matt Zadorozny is my sous vide guru. I recently spent a few hours with him at his home on Nantucket Island, talking a blue streak while he prepped 50 pounds of mushrooms for his sister's wedding. Matt has worked in some of the finest kitchens in New York, including Per Se and WD 50, where sous vide cooking is part of the daily routine. He has his own immersion circulator and chamber vacuum sealer (I'm envious), and his passion for the technique is contagious. Matt has been very generous in sharing his extensive knowledge of cooking times and temperatures with me, and we're delighted to have him collaborate with us.
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Sous Vide "Baked" Apples with Apple Drizzle Syrup and Nut Garnish Recipe

Sous Vide "Baked" Apples with Apple Drizzle Syrup and Nut Garnish Recipe image Summer isn't exactly apple season, but at both farmer's markets and grocery stores many varieties are available year-round. Here in Central California we've had quite a bit of cool weather from late May through June and into July. For me, cool weather means comfort food, and baked apples fall right into that category.
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Sous Vide Champagne Zabaglione Recipe

Sous Vide Champagne Zabaglione Recipe image Summer is upon us and my thoughts have turned to berries, and cherries, and luscious stone fruits. I love to combine the sweetest fruit of the season with a simple yet elegant sauce such as Italian zabaglione (or sabayon, as it is known in France).
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Sous Vide Passion Fruit Ice Cream

Sous Vide Passion Fruit Ice Cream image I am crazy for the sweet-tart, floral flavor of passion fruit. Although my garden produces just about every kind of fruit, it's a few degrees too cold during the winter months in Carmel Valley to grow this divine tropical fruit. I know, because I've tried and failed on two occasions.
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Sous Vide Ginger Creme Brulee

Sous Vide Ginger Creme Brulee image Another great sous vide dessert recipe from SVKitchen. This one focuses on uses your sous vide machine as a bain marie and cooking a creme brulee with it.
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Sous Vide Vanilla Poached Pears Recipe

Sous Vide Vanilla Poached Pears Recipe image Pears are one of my least loved fruits when eaten out of hand, but when they're poached in butter, sugar, vanilla, and spice, well, that's another story. Normally, you immerse the pears in a flavorful liquid, such as wine or sugar syrup, and cook them on the stove top. Then, after they're poached, the cooking liquid needs to be reduced to concentrate its flavors.
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Sous Vide Dulce de Leche Recipe

Sous Vide Dulce de Leche Recipe image Caramel is my favorite thing, especially combined with chocolate, but I like it unadulterated, too, in all of its many forms. Dulce de leche, Spanish for "sweet milk" is on my list of must-have condiments. I always have a jar or two in my over-crowded fridge because it's very versatile and great for last-minute desserts. Sometimes I'll treat myself a spoonful right from the jar if there's nothing else on hand to satisfy a sudden caramel craving.
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