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I've twice tried to cook a chuck roast as recommended in the MCME sous vide book, 2 days at 131", to make it like a prime rib. When I opened the bag, there was a gamey smell to the meat. The bag hadn't puffed up, so I assumed it hadn't spoiled. We ate it both times and didn't get sick, but the gamey smell and taste is rather off-putting. Is this a normal byproduct of the process, something to do with the particular piece of meat, an indication of temperature issues, or something else? Input appreciated.

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It's probably a lacto-bacteria. It's harmless but smells bad. You can help prevent it with a quick dip in boiling water before sous vide. I hope that helps some! Thanks and happy cooking!
I have a question about the boiling water. Would you have the meat in or out of a bag?
Generally it's out of the bag, but some people put it in the bag first.

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