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How to Sous Vide Peaches

I was surprised how much I enjoyed sous vide peaches. Cooking them sous vide makes it easy to control their tenderness and keep them as firm as you want. For a slightly softened peach I'll often use 165°F (73.8°C) for 20 to 40 minutes. For a more tenderized and broken down peach, I've found sous viding them at 183°F to 185°F (83.9°C to 85°C) for 30 to 60 minutes is great. You can sous vide them whole, though I usualy cut them in half and remove the pit, then seal them in a single layer in the bags. You can also cube or slice the peaches first as well.


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Sous Vide Peaches Times and Temperatures

  • Peaches: 183ºF for 30 to 60 Minutes (83.9ºC)

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Sous Vide Bourbon Poached Peach and Almond Salad Recipe

Placeholder Heating peaches with sous vide softens them up slightly, resulting in a tender snack. Adding some bourbon and cinnamon to the bag infuses them with rich flavor, which some chopped almonds, molasses and fresh mint rounds out.

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