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Jobs Across Food with Karista Bennett

Working in food is a shared passion for most food bloggers, but this can take many forms outside of just blogging including writing cookbooks, being a chef, working with brands and teaching classes. Today's guest is going talk about some of the jobs she's done and how you might be able to get involved in them as well.

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Lauren McElwain Cooking Classes and Community Building Interview

Lauren McElwain from Cooking as a First Language comes on to talk about how to host cooking classes, the challenges in growing and brand, and how cooking can bring communities together.

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How to Teach Cooking Classes of Your Own with Lauren McElwain

Teaching cooking classes is a great way for food bloggers to get involved with their fans. We already know how to teach, we write recipes so people can learn how to cook the types of food that we're cooking. And using our expertise hands on, to share it with people is a great way to make some extra money, to grow your brand and to meet some interesting people in your community.

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