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StarChefs International Congress 2016 Recap

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I recently had the great pleasure of covering and attending the StarChesf 2016 Internation Chefs Congress in Brooklyn as part of the press. It's the second time I've been to StarChefs and every time is an inspriational experience. It always has some of the best chefs in the world, amazing panels and incredible workshops.

The theme this year was "What is Progress" and focused on "Defining success in an age of inlfuence and opportunity". It was a very inspiration conference and several people that are making a big difference in their communities were speakers. I highly recommend attending the conference if you are in the food industry in any capacity.

There's too much going on at the conference, but here's some of the highlights I had.

Taste Talks Brooklyn Recaps

The Taste Talks Brooklyn panels were full of great chef talking about really interesting subjects. Here is my recap of the sessions I attended.

Interpreting Southern Food in New York

This great Taste Talks Brooklyn panel included Jean-Paul from Blue Smoke, Susan Simmons from Birds & Bubbles, and Daniel Delany from Briskettown talking about interpreting Southern food in New Yor

What Heritage Means - Taste Talks Brooklyn

The What Heritage Means panel included Suvir Saran from Tapestry, Joseph "JJ" Johnson from The Cecil and Esther Choi from mokbar - Taste Talks Brooklyn

The Shape of Food to Come - Taste Talks Brooklyn

This panel has some of the most innovative chef's in the city on it including Wylie Dufresne, Jeremiah Stone and Fabian von Hauske talking about the future of food and restaurants.

Museum of Food and Drink Grand Opening

Placeholder The Museum of Food and Drink in Brooklyn is filled with historical and interactive exhibit dealing with the creation of flavor and scents. It's worth a trip if you are in the area!

Brooklyn's Breuckelen Distillery Creates Unique Local Spirits

Placeholder Brooklyn's Breuckelen Distillery creates unique local spirits including gin and whiskey with ingredients all sourced from Brooklyn and New York City.

Museum of Food and Drink Opening Soon

Placeholder The Museum of Food and Drink is opening in Williamsburg at the end of October. Their first exhibit will be Flavor: Making it and Faking it and should be a great experience for all food lovers.

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