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Pork and Freekeh Bowl Recipe

Sous vide pork freekeh bowl 2 This is a simple but flavorful sous vide pork and freekeh recipe that is quick to put together. It combines tender pork chops with freekeh and and sautéed vegetables.

Sous Vide Farro Recipe

Sous vide duck farro bowl close Sous vide farro is one of my favorite grains to eat. It has a nutty flavor and feels hearty without being heavy. It is also a snap to cook when using sous vide.

How to Sous Vide Grains like Farro, Bulgur and Quinoa

Sous vide oatmeal close raisin Making sous vide grains is easy, convenient and removes most of the guess work and cleanup involved. Here is a look at the process behind using sous vide for grains including time and temperatures.

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