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Locust Bean Gum

Locust bean gum is taken from the seeds of the carob or locust bean tree cultivated in the Mediterranean region. It is good at thickening liquids and stabilizing emulsions. Locust bean gum can be used by itself but is more often incorporated to complement other ingredients.

Locust bean gum combines well with ingredients that make brittle gels and strengthens them by making them more elastic. This makes it ideal to use with xanthan gum, kappa and lambda carrageenan, and agar. Locust bean gum can also be used to help keep fruit fillings for pies from boiling out.

You can discover more information about locust bean gum from my how to use locust bean gum guide or any of the locust bean gum articles and recipes below.

Locust Bean Gum Recipes and Articles

Locust Bean Gum Substitute - Ask Jason

Placeholder Trying to find a good substitute for locust bean gum can be tricky, especially when it is called for with agar, but there are some other combinations that might work.

Mango Noodles

Placeholder These mango noodles add a great flavor punch and visual touch to dishes. I like to serve them draped over ice cream or a sundae but they can also be heated and served with jerk pork or as a garnish on an Asian citrus salad.

Homemade Lox and Cream Cheese Noodles Recipe

Placeholder This crostini recipe moves the traditional deli food of lox and cream cheese on a bagel into fancy modernist bites. The cream cheese is turned into gelled noodles that are served on toasted bagel rounds with pickled red onion. An easy to pick up and deliciously flavorful party food!

Banana Ravioli with Nutella

Placeholder For these fun and flavorful party desserts I make a gelled ravioli from bananas and cream and fill them with Nutella. Just top them off with some shaved chocolate and mint leaves or serve them with ice cream - either way it is a crowd pleaser!

Tikka Masala Coated Chicken Recipe

Placeholder Tikka masala is a traditional English dish at curry houses. With this recipe I reimagined it as a modernist dish by turning the sauce into a gelled coating; it's s a fun play on a old classic!

Blackberry-Peach Wrapped Pork Recipe

Placeholder The star of most of my parties is meat and this blackberry-peach wrapped sous vided pork offering is no exception! It makes a fun presentation besides the additional sweetness and flavor from roasting the fruit complements the pork perfectly.

Strawberry Daiquiri Agar Gel Cubes Recipe

Placeholder These cocktail cubes are a fun way to entertain your guests. They are rum infused strawberries encased in a daiquiri cube. When you bite into them the cube starts off with a sweet and tart flavor followed up by the kick of the rum-infused strawberries.

Locust Bean Gum

Placeholder Locust bean gum is taken from the seeds of the Mediterranean carob or locust bean tree. It is good at thickening liquids and stabilizing emulsions. It can be used by itself but is more often used to complement other ingredients.

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