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Sous Vide Safety

When it comes to handling food and cooking, safety must always be on top of the list. Being a relatively new cooking technique, sous vide and its risks may not be fully understood by many. It is always best to have a full understanding of things before getting started with it.

Two of the biggest concerns that come with sous vide cooking are the use of plastic bags for cooking, and the presence of pathogens in food. Both of these problems can be properly addressed reducing the risks that come with using the sous vide technique for cooking.

When it comes to cooking in plastic bags, it is recommended to always use food grade bags. Most experts believe that there is no danger when it comes to cooking food in plastic bags. However, since this is not a 100% guarantee, it may be best to do some research regarding this matter to become fully aware of what can possibly happen.

In regards to pathogens present in food, as with other more familiar cooking techniques, heat and cooking time play major roles. Generally speaking, most bacteria (including salmonella) die at about 130°F to 135°F. Despite this it does not mean that cooking at a lower temperature will not kill pathogens. The temperature range proposes the death of pathogens quickly as they are exposed to the heat. Cooking at lower temperatures can still kill bacteria, but it must be done for a longer period than usual.

With these things in mind, it must be understood that sous vide can be an appropriate way to prepare food so long as care is taken in following proper preparation and cooking guidelines.

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