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Sous Vide Sealing

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Oliso PRO Smart Sealer Review

Placeholder I was recently given a free Oliso PRO Smart Sealer to test out and review. I've been using it for several months now and here's some of my thoughts on it.

How to Prevent Sous Vide Bags From Floating


One of the frustrating issues people can run into is floating sous vide bags. There are several things that can cause this floating, with the most common being an excess of air in the bag. Another cause is by buoyant food such as several types of vegetables or frozen chicken.

In addition to being a hassle, floating bags can also be dangerous since any of the food that is out of the water will not be held at the proper temperature. This can potentially result in unsafe conditions and bacterial growth.

The amount of floating can range greatly. Some bags might barely raise to the top of the water bath while some may fill completely with air and be so buoyant they push the top of your container off.

There are several ways you can combat the floating and some are more effective than others depending on what is causing it.

Can You Sous Vide in Store Packaging - Ask Jason


Both Costco and my butcher regularly sell meat that is prepackaged in cryovac packages, is it safe to sous vide these store bought packages? Or do I need to repackaged them before cooking? It seems like it would work fine but I wasn't sure. - Jonathan

Out of all of the questions I'm asked, this is probably the most common one! It makes sense because the allure of buying some pre-sealed meat, placing it directly in the sous vide machine, and having a great meal is so enticing. Unfortunately, as with most common questions, the answer really is "It Depends".

PolyScience 300 Series Chamber Vacuum Sealer Detailed Review

Placeholder This is a detailed review of the PolyScience Series 300 Chamber Vacuum Sealer. It lists the many advantages of a chamber vacuum sealer. The unit is then reviewed including its features and operation.

Best Way to Seal Food for Sous Vide

Placeholder One of the more common questions I am asked is "What is the best way to seal your food for sous vide cooking?". There are so many options for sealing your food that it can get confusing figuring out exactly what you need. There are several ways of doing it, ranging from large chambered vacuum sealers costing over a thousand dollars all the way down to Ziploc bags from the grocery store. Here's the low down on what you'll need to master the art of sealing your sous vide food.

Ask Jason: How to Use Ziploc Bags for Sous Vide

Placeholder While a chambered vacuum sealer is the best way to do sous vide, they are several hundred dollars and overkill for many home kitchens. Many people turn to FoodSaver-type sealers, which can be convenient but they are expensive to buy bags for and can't really be used with liquids. So what is a home cook to do?

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