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Chuck Short Ribs

Information for Chuck Short Ribs

Cut Ratings

Flavor 3 star rating
Tenderness 2 star rating
Value 1 star rating
Leanness 2 star rating

Typical Cooking Methods

BBQ, Braise, Grill, Stew

Other Names for Chuck Short Ribs

Barbeque ribs, braising ribs, fancy ribs, boneless barbeque ribs, English short ribs

Good Substitutes for Chuck Short Ribs

Short Ribs

Traditional Dishes for Chuck Short Ribs

Korean beef short ribs (galbi) , barbeque short ribs, braised short ribs, pot-au-feu

Sous Vide Short Ribs Recipes

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Description of Chuck Short Ribs

There are many types of beef ribs that come from different sections of the cow. Chuck short ribs are not famous compared to the other short ribs but are still enjoyed by a lot of people. They are taken from the chuck primal cut of the cow that happens to be the toughest primal cut. This section compromises of the shoulder and the first five ribs. The ribs from the chuck might not be the best but they are definitely leaner compared to the short ribs in the primal section.

Since the chuck section of the cow tends to be hard in texture, it is common to braise the chuck short ribs before grilling them to increase their tenderness. About 1 pound of ribs will feed each person.

To add taste to the chuck short ribs, you can cook them in wine. Be sure to trim the fat before you cook them. You can use different seasonings like ginger, garlic, red wine, soy sauce or sesame oil to bring rich flavor to the ribs. Short ribs are a special part of Korean and American cuisine. The French also add the short ribs in their classic dish pot-au-feu. The ribs can also be de-boned for those who don't like to eat it with the bone.

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