Beef Jerky Recipes

There are many different types of beef jerky recipes. They range from the typical class beef jerky, to teriyaki jerky, and black pepper beef jerky.

Those are the favorites for a reason but we also like to expand our recipes to some more unique flavors. So here are some of our favorite beef jerky recipes. If you have any suggestions or feedback please let us know!

Enjoy the beef jerky recipes!

Beef Jerky Recipes

Basic Beef Jerky Recipe

Beef jerky is a delectable, healthy snack that uses a dry cure of seasonings before it is dehydrated. This is a very simple and basic recipe that can get you started making homemade beef jerky quickly and easily.

Teriyaki Beef Jerky Recipe

Teriyaki beef jerky is probably the most popular of all beef jerky recipes. We'll show you how to make this great dish at home.

Basic Ground Beef Jerky Recipe

Ground beef jerky makes a hearty and enjoyable snack. It's a twist from the usual beef jerky and has its own unique texture.

Teriyaki Ground Beef Jerky Recipe

Teriyaki is a classic beef jerky recipe and here we use it on ground beef.

Apple Habanero Beef Jerky Recipe

This Apple Habanero Beef Jerky recipe is another scorchingly hot jerky. Even with the apple, vinegar and sugar taming the habaneros the heat still comes through very strongly.

Asian Orange Beef Jerky Recipe

One of my favorite dishes to get at our local Chinese restaurant is orange beef. It has a great citrus flavor from the orange and lots of flavor from the garlic and ginger. I take that concept and apply it to create our Asian Orange Beef Jerky.

Blackened Beef Jerky Recipe

Our Blackened Beef Jerky recipe uses the traditional spice mix that you use for "blackened" dishes. With the jerky it isn't blackened but the flavors come out very similar.

Bourbon BBQ Sauce Beef Jerky Recipe

This is one of my favorite BBQ sauces. I always make extras so I can use it on steak and chicken later in the week. The Bourbon BBQ Sauce Beef Jerky recipe uses it to infuse rich flavors into the meat before it is dehydrated.

Cajun Beef Jerky Recipe

This Cajun beef jerky recipe results in a spicy, salty jerky that is packed full of flavors. It takes traditional Cajun spices and applies them to beef jerky.

Chimichurri Beef Jerky Recipe

Chimichurri is a classic Argentinian sauce and marinade that is used on steaks, chicken, and other meats. Our Chimichurri Beef Jerky takes the classic sauce and uses it as a marinade for our beef jerky. The result is a spicy and flavorful jerky.

Chinese 5-Spice Beef Jerky Recipe

Our incredibly simple Chinese 5-Spice Beef Jerky recipe uses the very common spice mixture to make a flavorful beef jerky. Chinese 5-spice powder is a combination of star anise, cloves, cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, and ground fennel seed.

Chipotle Beef Jerky

Beef jerky recipes can get very complex and full of interesting ingredients. While these recipes can be great, sometimes it is nice to have a simple recipe with one predominant flavor. Our Chipotle Beef Jerky fits the bill and showcases the strong chipotle flavors with just a hint of garlic and paprika in the background.

Cilantro-Serrano Beef Jerky Recipe

I love the combination of cilantro and serrano peppers. I use it here in our Cilantro-Serrano Beef Jerky recipe to create a spicy and herby jerky.

Classic BBQ Beef Jerky Recipe

Sometimes the easiest way to flavor your beef jerky is to use traditional flavors. This classic BBQ beef jerky recipe relies on the classic BBQ rub that is often used on brisket or pulled pork.

Cranberry BBQ Beef Jerky Recipe

Most people do not think about cranberries when they talk about BBQ sauce. However they add a great depth of flavor with both sour and bitter notes that come through in the sauce. Our Cranberry BBQ Beef Jerky recipe uses this to create a very unique jerky.

Harissa Beef Jerky Recipe

Harissa is a hot chile sauce often eaten in North Africa, especially in Tunisia. There is a lot of variation in recipes for harissa depending on the region it is made in. The version used in our Harissa Beef Jerky recipe uses ingredients that are easier to find in the United States.

Hot and Smoky Beef Jerky Recipe

Our Hot and Smoky Beef Jerky recipe packs in the flavor through spicy chipotles and tart limes and oranges. If you prefer a hotter jerky then add as many chipotle chilies as you like.

Jamaican Ground Beef Jerky Recipe

This spice mixture is very flavorful and has quite a kick to it. You can make a more mild version of our Jamaican Ground Beef Jerky recipe by reducing the various chile powders, or omitting them all together.

Jamaican Jerk Beef Jerky Recipe

One of the best things about making beef jerky is using your favorite flavors. This Jamaican jerk beef jerky recipe takes one of my all time favorite flavors and uses it to spice up beef jerky.

Lime-Curry Beef Jerky Recipe

This recipe is a great mix of sour lime and spicy curry. The two flavors help complement each other and results in a tender, flavorful jerky. Best of all, our Lime-Curry Beef Jerky is very easy to make!

Mango Habanero Beef Jerky Recipe

Our Mango Habanero Beef Jerky recipe is a fiery, flavorful jerky. The mango and vinegar help cut the extreme heat of the habaneros but this is still not a jerky for the faint of heart!

Memphis-Style Beef Jerky Recipe

When it comes to ribs there is the sweet and saucy St. Louis style and the dry rubbed Memphis style. Our Memphis-Style Beef Jerky recipe takes the classic Memphis dry rub and applies it to our jerky.

Mojo Beef Jerky Recipe

Mojo sauce is a traditional cuban sauce often used for marinating pork but we use it here in our Mojo Beef Jerky recipe to make a unique jerky. Mojo often uses sour orange juice but we substitute 1/2 normal orange juice and 1/2 lime juice since they can be much easier to find.

Mustard-Horseradish Beef Jerky Recipe

During the holidays many people will cook a prime rib with a horseradish crust or dip. Here we take that concept and applied it to our Mustard-Horseradish beef jerky recipe. The horseradish and mustard combine to create a great marinade that imparts the beef with a very flavorful taste.

Red Wine Beef Jerky Recipe

The marinade in this beef jerky recipe uses red wine fortified with brown sugar for additional sweetness and chipotle powder for a hit of heat. The resulting beef jerky is very flavorful and something that you can't find in stores.

Rogan Josh Beef Jerky Recipe

Rogan Josh is a classic lamb dish from Kashmir, India. We take the spices normally used in it to create a rub for our Rogan Josh Beef Jerky recipe. It is a very flavorful, rich seasoning with lots of different flavors.

Super Smoky Beef Jerky Recipe

A great smoky flavor is awesome with beef but sometimes you don't have the time to smoke your meat first. Our Super Smoky Beef Jerky recipe uses paprika, chipotle powder, and liquid smoke to infuse the meat with a smoky taste.

Tikka Masala Beef Jerky Recipe

Tikka masala is a traditional English dish at curry houses. Our Tikka Masala Beef Jerky recipe takes the traditional flavors from the curry houses and brings it to beef jerky.

Tuscan Herb Beef Jerky Recipe

This Tuscan herb beef jerky recipe emulates the great flavors you find from an herb crusted roast beef. It combines many different herbs in the Tuscan paste and comes out with a very rich flavor.
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