How to Dry Beef Jerky

The question of how to dry beef jerky is one that has been asked for centuries. People have dried jerky over fires, hanging in the open air, and electric dehydrators.

Here is an extended look at the most popular methods for drying beef jerky today. They can all be used in a typical home and some do not even require any new equipment!

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How to Dry Beef Jerky

Preparing Meat for Dehydrating

Preparing meat to make beef jerky and home consists of several steps. Here is a more detailed look at how to prepare meat for the drying process.

Beef Jerky Seasonings

The seasoning process in making beef jerky can involve many different types of techniques. Seasoning can include salts, dry rubs, brines, and marinades. Here is a look at the processes that add flavor to your beef jerky strips.

Beef Jerky Drying Equipment

There are many ways you can dry the beef out to make beef jerky at home. We cover some of the more common ones.

Making Beef Jerky in an Electric Dehydrator

The most convenient way to make beef jerky at home is to use an electric dehydrator. These machines make dehydrating beef jerky a snap.

Making Beef Jerky in an Oven

Ovens are convenient and economical kitchen tools for making delicious beef jerky at home.

Making Jerky in a Smoker

When making beef jerky at home a smoker can be a great way to add flavor to your meat.

When is Beef Jerky Done?

Knowing when to stop dehydrating the jerky is one of the keys to learn how to make beef jerky at home. We explore some ways that you can learn to perfectly cook the jerky.
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